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Investor FAQs

Who is WebMD?

WebMD has consistently been ranked as the most trusted brand in the U.S. by Millward Brown and is the leading provider of health information services and tools, serving consumers, physicians, healthcare professionals, employers and health plans. WebMD’s websites, mobile apps, publications and technology platforms provide an award-winning combination of content, community and connectivity that empower health decisions anytime and anywhere. Advertisers and sponsors use WebMD’s platforms and products to reach and engage consumers and healthcare professionals that are interested in healthy living, wellness, diseases and conditions, and other health-related topics.

WebMD Fact Sheet

When did WebMD go public? At what price?

WebMD went public on September 29, 2005. The IPO price was $17.50

What is WebMD's ticker symbol? Where are your shares traded?

Shares of our common stock are listed on The Nasdaq Global Market under the symbol WBMD.

When was WebMD incorporated?

We were incorporated in Delaware in May 2005 under the name WebMD Health Corp.

Does WebMD distribute dividends or have a Direct Stock Purchase Plan?

We have never declared or paid cash dividends on our common stock. We intend to retain all future earnings to finance future growth and, therefore, do not anticipate paying any cash dividends in the foreseeable future. WebMD does not offer a Direct Stock Purchase Plan.

How can I invest in WebMD?

You can purchase shares of WebMD common stock through a brokerage or a stock purchase service of your choice.

Who is WebMD's transfer agent? When should I contact them?

American Stock Transfer & Trust Company is WebMD's transfer agent and can be reached at (800) 937-5449. Registered Stockholders who have physical stock certificates should contact American Stock Transfer & Trust Company in the event of a name change, a change of address or if their certificate has been lost or stolen. Additionally, if a registered holder has not received a Proxy Statement and Card and Annual Report in advance of the Annual Meeting, American Stock Transfer & Trust Company is the appropriate contact. 

What is WebMD's fiscal year end

WebMD's fiscal year is based on the calendar year. The last day of the fiscal year is December 31.

How many employees does WebMD have?

As of December 31, 2016, we had approximately 1,815 employees.

Where are WebMD's corporate headquarters located?

WebMD's corporate headquarters are located at 395 Hudson Street, 3rd Floor New York, NY 10014. The main number is 212-624-3700.

How do I get a copy of WebMD the Magazine?

To download the most recent WebMD Magazine please click here

How can I contact Media Relations?

If you are a reporter, please contact the Media Department by calling (212) 624-3855 or emailing

How can I contact Investor Relations?

You can contact Investor Relations by calling Risa Fisher at 212-624-3817.